Public Jabber Chat rooms

Christopher Muclumbus: A listing of public XMPP/Jabber chat rooms/groups.


Metric Value Notes
Chat rooms 5710 Includes all persistent rooms known (public/non-public and open/non-open)
Public rooms 5686 Only publicly listed rooms
Open rooms 4600 Only rooms which can be joined without password/invitation
Hidden rooms 2 Publicly listed MUCs where owners have requested de-listing from this directory
Total users 6409 Total number of users in all MUCs. Since we do not (and can not) track the real identities of users, this most certainly includes duplicates.
Domains 830 Number of domains known; this includes non-MUC service domains and usually a single XMPP service has multiple domains (e.g. a base domain and a MUC service domain).